Aajeevika Skill

Review Meetings

Sr. No. State Date of Meeting Title Agenda (Download) Minutes (Download) Date of Minutes Issued
1 Rajasthan 14/06/2017 Minutes of the 21st meeting of the Board of Directors of RSLDC held on 14th June, 2017 Minutes_21st_BoD_RSLDC.pdfapplication/pdf (5.05 MB) 30/06/2017
2 NA 25/04/2017 Minutes of Meeting held for Initiation of DDU-GKY Projects in Union Territories (UT's) of Andman and Nicobar, Puducherry, Lakshadweep - Reg. UTs_24_05_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (1.35 MB) 24/05/2017
3 NA 18/04/2017 Minutes of the Northern Region Review Meeting on DDUGKY Projects in the States of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh held on 18th April, 2017 to review the progress of DDU-GKY Projects - reg. MoM_NR_States_04_05_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (4.01 MB) 04/05/2017
4 Jammu & Kashmir 17/01/2017 State Level Project Review committee for Himayat Scheme held on 17th Jan, 2017 MoM_SLPRC_JKSRLM_17_01_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (1.57 MB) 09/02/2017
5 Rajasthan 12/04/2017 Minutes of Meeting with Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation (RSLDC) held on 12th April, 2017 and CTSA at MoRD - reg. MoM_RSLDC_CTSA_12_04_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (3.39 MB) 25/04/2017
6 Punjab 09/03/2017 Minutes of Review Meeting held on 9th March, 2017 via Skype regarding implementation of DDU-GKY projects in Punjab - reg. MoM_Punjab_16_03_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (1.74 MB) 16/03/2017
7 Bihar 03/02/2017 Minutes of the VC Review on DDUGKY Projects in Bihar on 3rd February, 2017 - reg. MoM_Bihar_03_02_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (1.7 MB) 10/03/2017
8 Chhattisgarh 03/02/2017 Minutes of the VC Review on DDUGKY Projects in Chhattisgarh on 3rd February, 2017 - reg. MoM_Chhattisgarh_03_02_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (878.15 KB) 10/03/2017
9 Madhya Pradesh 13/02/2017 Minutes of the VC Review on DDUGKY Projects in Madhya Pradesh on 13th February, 2017 - reg. MoM_MP_13_02_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (695.66 KB) 10/03/2017
10 NA 10/02/2017 Minutes of the VC Review on DDUGKY Projects in Maharashtra on 10th February, 2017 MoM_MH_10_02_2017.pdfapplication/pdf (2.44 MB) 15/03/2017


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